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The process of decision making implies processing of much information, which normally cannot be obtained quickly. The importance of a decision determines quantity and quality of the information, but you have to bear in mind negative consequences, which may appear after relatively long time. It is true that applying your own powers your you may lay hold on relevant information inaccessible directly, however, the dynamic of the needs in information requires to make planned and confidential control of the certain fluxes of information distributed in time and space. Specializing in the investigation of persons and estate and in implementing the projects on the protection through the intelligence data private detective agency «Private Investigation» offers investigations and consultations to the individuals and legal entities, to the employers and/or general directors of firms, banks, etc. Using the services of Private Investigation, you save your time and money, enjoying the special guarantees of confidentiality and professionalism in the search, obtaining, checking and processing of the information strictly in the framework of the request. Private detective agency «Private Investigation» renders the services of activities specific to private detective investigation in accordance with the license issued by the Licensing Chamber. The Agency is focused on getting to know the needs, wishes and expectations of the potential clients so that the clients will be content and loyal. It appeared at the moment when the civil society of the Republic of Moldova feels acutely the need of existence of a private organization, which independently of the similar state bodies carries out legal activity in the interests of the individuals and legal entities. We absolutely turn down cases, the resolution of which will break both the law and the professional deontology. We are neither provokers, nor make cover-ups, nor fabricate evidence and scenarios to help the beneficiary by defaming and compromising an object of the contract.

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